Where I Want To Go: Proof

In a time honored tradition, I am waiting at a bar for a woman. I am using that time at the bar to write the blogpost, though, instead of complaining out the state of things re: men v. women, or pontificate on life with the bartender.

I shall pontificate with you, instead.

I get the Hop Valley Citrus Mistress while I wait at Proof. It’s served, as you might be able to see, without any head on it and I feel that it really hurts my impressions of the beer. I can’t get anything on the nose at all! So what’s left is a liquid with a crisp mouthfeel and a citrus pith bite.

I can’t really endorse it but I also can’t blame Hop Valley either. By the time I’m able to agitate the ale to get any scent, the beer is starting to smell light struck! I’m starting to wonder if this is one of the India Pale Lagers that have been hitting the scene lately. It’s light enough and hoppy enough, that’s for certain. I just wish it was a little more well rounded.

As for Proof…well, I just don’t know that it’s the kind of place I can get any pontificatin’ done. It’s casual enough but I’m not sure Proof has enough time under its belt for it to feel like a neighborhood bar. It doesn’t have that ‘lived in’ feel that makes it comfy and it is too Portland to be high class and it’s too bright to tilt towards a proper date night place. Maybe if I had a group of friends to take over a table, that would rock.

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