Where I Want To Go: Gigantic

Note to self: don’t get a beer right after a haircut. It’s a nice, smooth pale, not too bitter on the finish but I’m overwhelmed by barbershop ointments and I can barely smell a thing.

It’s actually been a pretty busy day with exposure to quite a few different slices of humanity. I hit the DMV to get my license renewed (and it wasn’t that bad at all) and woah, do you see all kinds there. This is for the best: Portland is miiiighy white and getting exposed to the fact that the country isn’t, is a positive.

Then it was off to the barber shop and…I have to admit a certain level of discomfort there. Those places are masculine in ways I don’t always grok and conversation between strangers is encouraged and expected but there isn’t any beer. So what do you talk about? (Football, in this case, which makes me glad I know a thing or two about that).

Then it’s off to the final destination of places humans meet, and that’s Gigantic Brewing. The space for patrons at Gigantic is small so I want to get in before it gets too crowded. I get the Bang On! British pale and find a seat uncomfortably close to the wall.

Lots of local printer and hand written signs here: the sign selling nuts; growler prices, and it gives the impression that they’re a bit too busy concentrating on making great beer to put effort towards purdy signage. I can respect that.

I like it unpopulated, with only the die hard Portland types going outside for the winter-to-spring sunlight available. But the outdoors wants to intrude here: outdoor tables more than double the capacity, there’s a huge sliding door to open when it gets warmer, heck, even the space between tables and the seating inside encourages moving outwards.

It’s a Portland place, though: an axe on the wall, TV with “THIS MACHINE SHOWS TIMBERS MATCHES” pasted on the frame, local art on the walls for sale, but this is also a workspace that we are invading into. It isn’t here to make me comfy, it’s here to give me tasty liquids.

And I have to commend Gigantic on that: this pale is good all the way down, bitterness sloooowly creeping in as I drink more, the scent of hops still negated by barbershop unfortunately but…the Bang On! tastes damn good and that’s where the rubber meets the road.

5 thoughts on “Where I Want To Go: Gigantic”

  1. Yes, excellent beer. Sort of an odd, cramped place with weird ordering procedures, but still cool in its own way. Even if it totally sucked, I would still go just because of the “THIS MACHINE SHOWS TIMBERS MATCHES” TV.

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