While the drought in California is making the national news, Oregon is having it’s own water issues. It concerns me quite a bit and not just as a homebrewer. We need beer for most everything but we need water to live; it’s not a very complicated argument.

Which is why reading this story about a water-recycling power system is especially cool. Breweries use so much water, anything they can do to lessen the impact helps and I hope (and expect) that more systems like this will see implementation in the future.

One thought on “Conservation”

  1. Saw this. Thought about sending it to you. Then I realized you would see it so…
    It’s good stuff. We in the western states are going to have to have leaders in conservation of water. I wonder why engineering schools don’t have programs to figure out how to replenish aquifers beyond nature’s current capacity. certainly they can figure out how to frack it. You’d think they could figure out how to help it along.

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