Where I Want To Go: Beermongers

Looking for salted caramel stout from Breakside, I have come to Beermongers. Plus, blogging. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really do need excuses to go someplace awesome. It shouldn’t be effort but there are days…

I will fail in my quest for the salted caramel stout but what a place to fail! I have a recommendation from a friend in Spokane to try No-Li‘s Wrecking Ball imperial stout, so I opt to try that.

The Wrecking Ball has a grainy and boozy quality to it along with a strong coffee undercurrent. It isn’t making a very good first impression but I’m going to come back to this beer in a little bit. Maybe it needs some time to warm up and smooth out.

I feel like the Beermongers has taken on some more character since I was here last, and it’s for the better. It is like the best sports bottle shop ever. Sports paraphernalia line the walls next to beer signage and in one corner, a bookshelf, which feels very Portland-esque.

There is a quiet hum of Super Bowl talk, cut by beer negotiations and it’s all very lively, even as patrons start to get their homebound purchases and leave. Looking around, I like the selection here quite a bit, mostly because I keep seeing beer I don’t recognize or do recognize but don’t see elsewhere, like Wingman brewing.

On second pour, the Wrecking Ball has a distinct cocoa note in the nose, which I like. It fades rather quickly, unfortunately and isn’t well reflected elsewhere in the beer.

I’m bummed by this. I want to like this beer just because I want to like what I’m drinking, I suppose but between the harsher coffee notes and the chalky-grainy finish, I really can’t recommend it.

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