Budweiser Black Crown

I had this, so you won’t have to.

Why do that? Mostly curiosity, I will admit. I had the opportunity to get some during the holidays and I wanted to see what would happen when Budweiser decided to let their clearly talented brewers do something bigger. There’s so much talent there, producing a very difficult style, here’s an opportunity to prove they can do something awesome when given the chance to do a premium beer. Exciting, right?

Not really. The sad answer is that not much happens when they try to do a premium beer. From the six pack of Black Crown I had, one beer smelled skunked at first, but lost that scent almost immediately. After that, I felt like it was fairly smooth but innocuous. It’s a decent lager and it’s very easy to drink, but is it worth $8+ per six pack? No. I could just as easily give that money to any number of local breweries producing a lager or pilsner and have a beer I enjoyed just as much-maybe more, as they would have done something more interesting. Hell, I could have put that money on getting Session and gotten more beer!

I mean, if all one is going to do is just turn what they’re doing to 10, then what’s the point? Bring it to 11. This is a beer that wants to be forgettable and drunk during the summer and is asking me to pay a premium for it: give me a beer that I remember and can be drank anytime and I’ll consider buying it again.