Where I Want To Go: The Tannery

A buddy recently pinged me wanting to meet up for a drink. As it so happens, a host of new places had opened up in his neighborhood so I suggested we try one. The only one he hadn’t been to was the Tannery, so off we went!

And damn, was it cold! Even the cook wore a scarf, jacket and hat! I don’t know if this was due to faulty heating, or because the old cinder block construction of the building just sucked but I found it very difficult to enjoy the space because of the temperature. No coats were removed and it seemed a little silly to order beer, but I did it anyway. For science!

I had the Upright #5 golden ale. It wasn’t bad but had the dirt flavor at end that I’ve come to associate with organic ales. On the upside, I felt it was an improvement on Upright ales I’ve had in the past. I don’t know if I’m too hard on Upright or if there’s something I’m missing. Perhaps I need to do a tasting session with someone else to compare notes and see if it’s just me.

The Tannery would be a pretty cozy place to have a drink if it had proper thermal regulation. The lights are low and the knick-knacks give the appropriate amount of classiness to the vibe of the place.

But I think I’ll hold off on another visit until Spring because I really don’t like being cold.

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