Not Quite A Pale

My latest batch came out fairly nicely. I think it will go well with Thanksgiving dinner, if I can save some until then…

I get a bit of toffee and orange in the nose. This beer is reasonably malt sweet but the hops seem to be just enough to keep it in line. There is definitely a orangeish citrus presence in this beer. Even in the finish there’s an element of sucking on the last of an orange wedge after a soccer game. Except with alcohol, which, excepting fire, makes everything better.

It’s a little higher in ABV than I usually hit but I’m not going to complain: it’s a solid beverage and I can drink a couple of them before calling it a night. That said, pale ales tend to have more hop presence and this just doesn’t. I’ve been rather restrained in my hop additions lately and I suppose that it’s starting to show.

Brew date: 9.14.13

Steeping Grains:
Added less than 1/8th tsp Calcium salts
.75 lb Biscuit
.75 lb C40
8 oz C120

Fermentables: 7 lb LME

1 oz Mt Hood @ 60
1/4 oz Falconer’s Flight @ 60
.5 oz Mt Hood @30
.5 oz Mt Hood @ 5

Wyeast 1332 NW ale-starter made day before

OG: 1.068

FG: 1.012

ABVL 7.5%

Bottled 10.5

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