Where I Want To Go: Bailey’s #2

Old Town made a strawberry lemonade ale. A compatriot at the OBC had recently mentioned making such a concoction for a wedding she was attending and I wonder if the beers are related, somehow. Even if they aren’t though: how can I not try this beer?

And what I can tell you is: it tastes like it promises. There’s something to be said for that and I am glad I tried it, but no. This not what I want from a beer. It is too Sunday morning mimosa and not anything resembling late evening after dinner.

Timing matters: why bring this beer to the masses in November, you know?

Then again, it is far more likely that I am not the audience for this beer. Someone who wants a fruity drink but doesn’t want the hazard of a cocktail is the audience for this beer. On that merit, I have to say: go for it. I couldn’t detect anything too flawed or weird about this beer and the puckery lemonade qualities along with a strawberry aftertaste that I could definitely notice were there.

But it ain’t for me.

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