Han & Chewie Ale

I totally ripped the idea for this beer of from someone else, who made a beer called Millennium Falcon that I saw at Baileys.  However, because I was only stealing the idea not the recipe, I decided that Han & Chewie Ale was a cooler name.

This is also the beer I submitted to OBC Fall Classic competition. It did OK, scoring about 32 out of 50 which might seem low but we’re pretty hard on our beers in Portland. That said: I entered it as an English IPA and they seemed to get a more balanced beer between the malt and hops and less a hop-centered ale. That is my fault for not knowing my beer styles well enough to properly categorize the ale for competition.

Despite all that, it’s a pretty good beer and for non-competition purposes, very much worth drinking. I’ll take that.

Brew date: 9.8.13

Steeping Grains:
2 lb C40
1 lb C120
1 lb Victory
1 lb Munich

Fermentables: 4 lb Liquid LME

.25 oz Falconer @ 60 (some in preboil)
.5 oz Millenium @ 60
.5 oz Millenium @ 30
.5 oz Falconer @ 30
2.75 oz Cascade (fresh) @ 5

Yeast: reused Wyeast London 1318

OG: 1.05

FG: 1.013

Put into secondary on 9.17
Added .25 oz Falconer hops

Bottle 9.21

ABV: 5.01%

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