Canada pt 2

Squamish is a small town and to be frank, there isn’t much to do there.

But there is a brewery: Howe Sound. I had a few of their beers during my stay, including a few that I enjoyed but didn’t take notes on. The next day, I went back and got a sampler; here’s what I wrote about those:

The pumpkin ale (far right) has a nice biscuit quality, evoking a pie crust, and I appreciate the brewery’s take on things, even if I’m not fond of the style. And let’s face it, pumpkin beers are the pumpkin spice latte of ales: trendy and trying to appeal to everyone.

The base hefe (far left) is very nice, the banana and orange elements are pronounced but not overwhelming. The wheat gives it a good backbone. It’s ok but the truth is, their King Hefe is a better beer. Get that if you have the option.

Troller (the red next to the hefe) has a marijuana stink in the nose. It’s also a bit too thin to support this intense aroma, and the resiny finish doesn’t have the middle to balance it.

The IPA (between the two redder ales) is mining the NW IPA style and it should appease any hophead. Clearly restraining the malt in order took emphasize the hop qualities, it is eschewing balance to appeal to what is one of the most popular styles in the NW area.

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