Where I Wanna Go: O’Malley’s

After being on the road for four days last week, I could not find it in me to seek out anyplace far away. All day drives burn out the spirit and part of me wants to just stay home and curl up with a book but I am blessed with places within walking distance to get a beer. If I cannot avail myself of these awesome things, what’s the point?

So I’ve come to O’Malley’s due to its proximity to home and am delighted to discover Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA is on tap. After discovering them at Bailey’s last week, the opportunity to try more of their wares is most welcome.

And it is damn good. Hop flavors are clearly bent to the US-piney flavors of hops, with a solid aroma that holds throughout the beer and a finishing bitterness that is nicely bridged by a present but by no means too big malt. It’s very good and I would have another if it wasn’t a school night.

It’s quiet this evening and I’m not sure if that’s just because of Mondays or the onset of Autumn. It always takes people a little time to adjust to the oncoming darkness and despite unseasonally warm weather, fall is certainly here. There are three women playing pool in the corner and an older gent at the bar, beard white as snow, drinking a Rainier tall boy. I mostly ignore them and slough off the tension of the day. It’s going to be a very busy week, preparing for the OBC’s Fall Classic (I have an entry this year!) because I am Head Steward again. This may be the last opportunity I have to relax until November.

I stare at the last quarter of my glass. It’s time to go home but I’m finding it difficult to work up the inertia to leave. I am a body at rest.

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