I’ve come to Bailey’s for the 800th post because seriously: where else would I be? The photo is of Bockor’s Cuvee des Jacobin Rogue, a Flanders red but the best ale I had this evening was Barley Brown’s Handtruck pale ale. It had a magnificent pot/piney nose with a wonderful balance of hops and malt. I thought I had photographed it, but I ended up having some nice conversations with the people around me instead.

I spent my time in the new upstairs area, which I feel like I shouldn’t mention, as though it’s a space for the regulars that I should protect and ya’ll should just stay away, so we can enjoy it.

But it’s wonderful and I have to tell you so. It isn’t always open but when it is, it’s worth having a drink there.

As always, there is an impulse to say a great deal about this moment but the only thing that really matters is:

Thank you.

PS: I’m in Canada this weekend so no Friday post. Canuck adventure report next week!

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