Dance Class Interlude

I’ve stopped for a Chasin’ Freshies by Deschutes before dance class. It is a terrible name for a beer because I sound hammered trying to say it and I’ve nary a drop.

It’s a good beer though, emphasizing the lemony bitterness of the hops strongly on the back end, but not ferociously.

Meanwhile, I kill time before class at the Slow Bar.  It’s more crowded than I expected, given how early it is. But I suppose Portland is a drinking city and if you have the time, then it’s time for a pint and the crowd here, which seems to cross age and income brackets, supports this notion.

I try not to think about dance class. It makes me nervous. Practicing a skill is good but when I practice brewing, the only one who has to suffer with the consequences is me. Dancing is a kind of public practice that opens you up to mockery, although that mockery is entirely internal.

Still, I’m here during happy hour and I get to have a fortification beer. Hard to complain, ennit?

2 thoughts on “Dance Class Interlude”

  1. I only want to use the beer you had to rant a bit. What is the point of bottling fresh hop beers? They are clearly better at the source and on draft. I have now had Chasin’ Freshies (horrible, horrible name, btw) for the last two years (in a bomber) and it just doesn’t impress me. As beers go it’s a good ale. Nothing like Fresh Hop Mirror Pond. Now listen, all beers are probably better on draft and at the pub, but I just don’t see the need to bottle these beers. They lose so much in the process that they just don’t have the punch that their draft counterparts do. Anyone outside Oregon/Washington drinking this beer from the bottle is not getting a real fresh hop experience, in my opinion. End of rant.

    1. I’m hard pressed to disagree with your premise but I’d have to test it out to find out if it’s true.

      We should run an experiment.

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