Where I Wanna Go: Imperial Bottle Shop

The storms hit us hard last weekend; I’m told it’s due to a typhoon that rose up in the Pacific and burnt out on its way here. Wind and rain kept me in all weekend so it’s nice to finally get out and investigate the new bottle shop on Division, the Imperial.

It’s bright in here but a soft-bright, like I’m in a furniture showroom not a pub. I’m used to the harsh but inadequate lights of the Horse Brass or the dimmable lights of…well, damn near everywhere else, a feature that has driven me from the occasional bar because I can no longer see when I want to play cards. I have to say, the effect is quite pleasant.

See? I’m already sounding more ‘refined-British’ in my head, and that is just from the lighting. The porter is just there to complete the affectation.

Ah, the porter! Mazama‘s Pyroclastic porter is what I’m trying because it’s new to me but I am pleased to report that my curiosity is being rewarded. The coffee flavor is predominant but it is not without chocolate notes and as befits a porter, it’s lighter on the tongue. I would totally have another if I could. Alas, ’tis a school day tomorrow and I must behave responsibly.

About one-third of the crowd is here to watch baseball, but there is only one television and it can be ignored. The other third is there for a birthday event, which is pretty cool to witness at such a new place. The bottle prices from what I saw, were about standard. Nothing special, perhaps but something that can keep the neighborhood walking to get their ales, so I can dig it. The beer list was nice though and included a range of styles, with room for a couple ciders on tap, providing an excellent sense of variety.

I liked the Imperial and recommend it.

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