How and Where We Search For Beer

One neat thing I found during my vacation was this guide on how and where we search for craft beer. In particular, I think it’s really interesting how social media has changed the game.

Last century, you could go from town to town to have the local beer, but there wasn’t an easy way to tell people about something great that you found, no easy way to generate excitement about something amazing. Now: you really can and this article demonstrates how things like Google searches can show what we’re interested in and how word of mouth starts to effect people.

Well maybe not you or me. But someone with expertise! Or maybe just a whole lot of passion. Let’s face it, passion can make up for a lot of other shortcomings.

I linked to the last story in the series, because it had a nifty map at the bottom that showed how the searches for craft beer appeared across the US but if you’re into the wonkiness of it, the whole thing is worth a gander. There’s a neat comparison of the search terms of ‘microbrews’ and ‘craft beer’ that probably has something deeper to say about language and how we use it, but I leave it to smarter people than I to work out.

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