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Draft Magazine has been making waves lately with this article, questioning if the craft beer market will fall.  My response to this can be summed up in this guy’s blog post (but not his writing style. The bold, man! Take it easy.)

Still, anyone who has paid any attention to economies at all for the past ten years should understand: there is no such thing as a perpetual boom. Planning for the lean times is just smart.

I don’t think that fire will rain down from the sky, nor do I think cats and dogs will start living together but I do think that eventually, people are just going to say: I don’t have money for $10 six-packs.

Hell, I don’t have money for that now! That’s why I brew my own!

On a different note, I found this post about beer glasses and while it didn’t really give me much beyond what I was doing for the Glass Experiment, it’s still neat, short, and not doom and gloomy.

2 thoughts on “To Read”

  1. The draftmag article is interesting, and it does indicate their is a bubble within the craft beer market. However, craft beer is still rising in popularity.

    The beer glasses article is also a good read. I need some new types of beer glasses… especially a thistle glass. That just looks fun to drink out of.

    1. Sure. The thing about predicting doom is that on a long enough timeline, you’re going to be right. I just hope places are smart enough to have business practices to weather the storm.

      I like all kinds of glasses but mostly I find the art & science of making ‘the perfect glass’ to be a fascinating one.

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