Oregon Brewer’s Fest: 2013

The OBF has expanded to five days this year.

Holy cow. That’s a lot of craft brew to assimilate. Fortunately, the containers will be made from glass this year, instead of plastic which is a huge improvement. Last year’s glasses were unacceptable for drinkers in general and especially lovers of great beer.

It isn’t all good news about the glass though. Which is unfortunate: four ounces is barely enough to really get a sense of a beer so getting less pretty much sucks. I find it remarkable that a better solution could not be found and the rest smacks of greed.

Nonetheless, my plan is to head down early Saturday and as always, check out anything I haven’t heard of before. Which is what most breweries ought to be providing, instead of the stuff you can get at the freakin’ store. Jeeze, people. It’s a festival! Have some fun with it.

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