This didn’t turn out like I thought

Of the US states that drink the most, I would have thought, with all of Oregon’s craft brews and our fervor for them, that Oregon would have made the top 10. We didn’t.

Speaking of things that probably won’t turn out like they think, we have scientists working on synthetic yeast to make beer cheaper and stronger.

What I love about this article is how absolutely certain those scientists are that nothing they do will ever get into the wild and contaminate the rest of the world.

Let’s just think about the hubris of that for a moment. A life form that has been around longer than human beings have and probably ever will exist, will somehow do what we tell it to, because science!

I think I’m just gonna let Patton Oswalt handle this one.

4 thoughts on “This didn’t turn out like I thought”

  1. It says nothing about the quality/source of the beer drank. I’m sure Oregon would rise up in those rankings if the mega beers were eliminated.

    1. True enough, and many of those states are in much hotter regions. I doubt triple IPAs are quite as pleasing under 100+ degree days.

    1. Aye, however there are more than a few differences between now and then.

      1) We know more.
      2) So we should know better. Things don’t just do what we tell them to because we tell them to.
      3) That unintentional tampering was far less likely to result in unintended consequences that would have global impacts.

      Like Patton said: I’m pro-science but I’m also pro-caution and some conversations about what we should do, vs what we could do. And the blithe assumption I get from these scientists that this yeast will just do what we want and there won’t or couldn’t POSSIBLY be any kind of negative impacts is, in my opinion, wishful thinking at best.

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