Out with the gang: distractions

Last weekend was spent playing cards again at Produce Row, I first requested Elysian’s peppercorn saison. A fine beer it was, undoubtedly inspired by last year’s Apocalypse series. Very light and with only a hint of pepper flavors, which took a long time to really get a hold of my tongue and start insisting on taking up residence.

I know this because my second request was for Double Mountain’s Clusterfuck IPA, the beer in the photograph. Which I was very, very disappointed in; it tasted weird and thin, and had no nose to speak of. I was quite confused but I was also in the middle of some games so I couldn’t pay attention to what, precisely, was wrong.

And then the pepper flavor made itself utterly known and I realized I’d been given the wrong beer. By then, of course, I was 2/3rd finished with my glass and I couldn’t legitimately ask for a replacement.

So I had to settle for a third glass of beer. Heartbreaking, I know but it does offer proof that a full pint of the Elysian peppercorn may not be for me. A glass: excellent. Pint: too much.

On the other hand, the Clusterfuck ale was really underwhelming. I was told that the beer was made using exclusively Citra hops so I was expecting quite a bit more citrus punch but it just wasn’t there. Neither the nose or the finish really made a strong statement. I don’t know if Citra hops aren’t cut out to be all purpose hops, if I just needed a pint in order to get a pour that had a head on the beer, or if something¬† else was going on. Double Mountain generally does good stuff so I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt but perhaps this beer was a misfire.

On the upside, I’m starting to get better at taking photos with my iPad.

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