Out With The Gang

As a drinker on a budget, I have to make choices: I can’t try every beer, I can’t go out every night. It’s better for not only my personal health, but the health of my economic well being. I’m sure everyone understands.

Which is how I found myself at the Produce Row cafe for today’s blogpost, instead of out at a place closer to home: the gang was meeting up to play Magic and I could do afford one or the other but not both.

But it’s alright. I got to have a couple 10 Barrel Sinistor black ales (because they were priced to sell) and a very nice Hop Venom from Boneyard. I favor the Hop Venom over the Sinistor but that’s how I roll. Black ales are a tougher sell for me, though I couldn’t find any real flaw with 10 Barrel’s.

When it was all done, I had spent a few hours with friends and sometimes that’s better than writing.

Not always, but given the choices I get to make, I imagine this won’t be the last time I recall a muggy day in Portland with friends over sitting at a strange bar alone.

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