I approve of this

While I’ve had some posts (and will soon have more, I hope) about the effect the style of glass may have on the flavor your beer, this is a neat solution that one bar went with to improve the social experience of drinking your beer.

I don’t long for the days before cell phones but I do think that there is something to be said for the movement that people shut off their phones and pay attention to the now. If nothing else, paying attention to the now is good practice for life, not just good etiquette.

4 thoughts on “I approve of this”

  1. I approve of this idea. Except…well, two things:

    1) It looks like you’d need a pretty thick smartphone to have the glass stand up just so; and
    2) Boy, does it look like a lot of expensive tech is going to be ruined by beer. Put that glass down just wrong, and you have a beer shower for your phone. Plus, when the edges start to wear or chip, it’s a screen scrape waiting to happen.

    Still: anything to ensure that people aren’t glued to their phones? Awesome.

    1. I’ll give you, it does present some issues: hell, I don’t even think these devices are all a uniform thickness. Still; clever.

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