Emergency Beer

I’m not sure how I feel about this:

This is 10 Barrel‘s Swill, which I’m reviewing tonight because I have family in town and I thought I would get to go out and do things and I just didn’t.

So this is my ‘Break Glass In Case of Emergency’ moment, where I get beer and talk about it from home. It’s like I took a night off, without the taking a night off part.

This head is shockingly big and when I poured a second, I had a very similar experience. The car ride from NWIPA to my home isn’t far nor bumpy enough to excuse this, so I don’t know what might be causing this mighty foam. Something’s just weird, right off the bat. The head has a strong bready quality, while still hitting a touch of sour belgian funk in the nose. By virtue of the nose alone, I want to like this beer.

The execution is a little more challenging to evaluate, though. There’s such a strong grapefruit flavor in here that, coupled with the level of carbonation in Swill reminds me overmuch of Sprite soda. There is density: a grainy quality coming from the wheat malt which counteracts the soda pop feeling but just not enough.

It’s quite refreshing-I just had one after changing a tire-and I can see this going very well between meals, outside, under an umbrella or on the porch, doing nothing else. There are positives. I’m just not sure I can recommend it without the massive soda caveat, because that could be a real turn off for some people.


2 thoughts on “Emergency Beer”

  1. Funny you describe it the way you do. This particular beer is their take on the Radler. The way it was described to me was that they brewed a standard ale (of some sort) with a bunch of grapefruit rind (well done on the ID there!). Then they blended it with soda water to get the consistency/flavor they were looking for. Not sure if that story is 100% accurate, but it’s a tasty beer for summer in my opinion. And a mighty interesting way to make a Radler. I wrote a bit about radlers and shandys last summer: http://taphandle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/whats-in-a-shandy/#more-1232

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