Added Flavor!

Fuz sent me this article on people using randalls to change the flavors of the beer.

I’m of two minds about this; the smaller, pettier one is insisting that ‘people shouldn’t do that! They’re messing with a perfectly good beer in order to blahblahblah.’

That mind is about 98% wrong. People have been messing with things since forever and yeah, usually the results are disastrous but eventually awesome things come of it and we get beer, internet, heavy metal and cheese.

Trust me, nothing else humans made really matters.

The smarter part of me recognizes that this is a pretty cool idea and a way for people who may not be brewers or brew-minded but still have culinary skills, to exercise them and bring something neat to the rest of us. It will come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to the brewing industry that places like DogfishHead have been using randalls to do weird things to their beer, for example. Why not let everyone have a crack at it?

Although at (minimum) $50 for a randall, I don’t think I’ll be trying it anytime soon. It seems like a ‘sometimes’ idea.

Then again, when a beer doesn’t turn out, this could be just the thing. That investment may be worth making.

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