This didn’t quite work out

This one is my fault. I tried to get blood from the stone that was a very, very tired yeast. Essentially; once again, I have a beer with little carbonation.

The upsides; it’s very clear, and there’s some complexity here, including a belgian-saison style funk in the nose that doesn’t replicate anywhere else in the beer, with a touch of sour in the finish, but the middle doesn’t carry much. It’s a little like a cider, in this respect.

So it’s interesting! But it’s also not carbonated. At all. I can drink it and I’ve learned from this but all in all, I could be happier with the turnout. Let’s get to the recipe:

Brew date: 3.22.13

Steeping Grains
.5 lb 2 row
.5 lg Munich
1 lb C60

7 lb LME

.75 oz Mt Hood @ 60
.25 oz Newport @ 60
.75 Palisade @30
.25 oz Newport @30
.25 oz Newport, Mt Hood, Palisade @10

Reuse of lager/oktoberfest yeast.

Bottled 4.28

Unknown gravities due to user failure. Oh well!

3 thoughts on “This didn’t quite work out”

  1. Looking at the results from the Oktoberfest you got this yeast culture with, I’m suspecting it was a temperature-dependent deal. What temps did you ferment at? How did you store the yeast in between batches?

    Also, even though I’ve never brewed a lager before, I know that a month from brew to bottle is too short. Maybe the Oktoberfest funk and this low carb problem could be tied to the same issues. Hopefully you can figure it for your next batch! Don’t get discouraged!

    1. That’s possible; I thought that since I had added in the Marzen ale yeast and that had really been the active one in the lager, that I wouldn’t have to take into consideration the traditional lagering temps or times. That’s entirely my bad if so.

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