This is…disappointing

So, this is what happened. I realize the photo is a little washed out but it’s probably pretty easy to see that there is virtually no head on this beer. I don’t know exactly what happened as I wasn’t there so I want readers to understand that I’m speculating but: I think this beer went flat because the person operating the canning machine had to shake the keg/spill beer to the point where the forced carbonation escaped.

One other oddity: the cans seem to be overfilled. Every one I’ve opened has had zero space to offer, leading to some small spillage.

On the other hand; a very, very, vigorous pour does offer me some slight head, something to breathe in reflecting a strong pine element…while also helping to make the beer a little less carbonated, too, I guess.

Which is a bummer because drinking the beer, I can tell that there’s a great IPA there; nice malty middle with a  piney bitterness in the finish. I know all the potential is there for this to be excellent…but there’s not enough nose and no space for the palate to be cleansed so it falls flat. But at least it’s not my fault!

Oh well. Here’s the recipe:

Brew date: 4.14.13

Steeping grains:
1 lb C80
.5 lb Castle Special Malt

Fermentables: 7 LME

Added 1/2 oz Chinook in warmup (pre boil)
.5 oz Newport, .5 oz Chinook, .25 oz Amarillo @ 60
.25 oz Newport, .5 oz Amarillo @ 30
.25 oz Newport, .25 Amarillo, .25 Chinook @ 15

Yeast: Hopworks Ale Yeast

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.016

Put into secondary on 4.30. Decided to add Citra pellets as a dry hop.

ABV (approximate): 6.2%

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