This is cool.

Pictured is some IPA which I made that, thanks to people in the Oregon Brew Crew, I was able to get kegged and put into cans!

There were some complications, however. Because I don’t own a keg, I had to enlist the assistance of someone else and because I wasn’t going to be there that day, again, someone else had to bring it and have it canned. Thankfully, it wasn’t difficult to convince people to help out and here we are.

However, I was expecting close to 40 cans. Savvy math users may note that there are only 24. In fact, I got 27 cans but that was all. I’m told that this is because the person operating the canning machine was having some trouble-the beer was coming out as foam-and couldn’t figure out why things weren’t going well. So he kept shaking the keg, spilling the beer everywhere. If my math is correct, that means that approximately 200 ounces of beer were lost…which is quite a bit.

That makes me sad. When I tried this beer as it was being kegged, it was very promising! To lose that much of it sucks.

Still, I have canned beer. It isn’t chilled yet, so I’ll have an update on that, along with a recipe, come Friday.

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