New To Me: NWIPA

Fuz is in town to visit. That’s his drink-the always good Hop Venom by Boneyard-in the background. Normally, when someone visits, I have a list of recommendations but since Fuz lived here, I was willing to go wherever he wanted to go. The caveat being that I was going to briefly take some time to write about it.

Luckily for me, he was amicable to heading to NWIPA for a drink. Yes, I’ve been here before but what good is a blog about going out to places if you don’t get to visit the ones you like now and again?

Fortunately, nothing has changed; there’s plenty of space, it’s well lit, good food is available…pretty much everything you’d want in a pub/bottleshop combo.

I had the Worthy IPA, which I found to be pretty enjoyable.

And then…well, we hung out at the pub, as old friends are wont to do. We had one more drink than we should have and walked home late in the evening. There was ice cream.

It was a pretty good day.

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