Amber Rye

I didn’t quite get what I wanted out of this one, but that’s OK.

Not that long ago at an OBC meeting, I overheard someone say: “If you really want to know if you like rye beer, then you need to just go all in and make a beer with nothing but rye.”

And I thought: I should do that. Of course, I didn’t quite do that because I didn’t want to go crazy. But I did try and build something that was pretty heavy on the rye while following an amber recipe, because I felt that ambers allow for a malt-forward style and if I want to know about rye malt, that’s the kind of style I ought to do.

And this is a pretty solid beer. It has a caramel tint to the head, a nice malt flavor, with a soft grapefruit nose and a dryness to the finish that tilts towards something a little odd, like white wine with a little earthliness to it. Dirt, maybe? But not in a -ptew- way. It’s quite distinct, however, in a way that rye malt would bring to a beer and is the point, of course. One odd thing: the ABV seems off. It just can’t be right but without more sophisticated equipment, I don’t think there’s anything I can say about it, except that I may have mis-recorded my data.

After this, I don’t know that I’m willing to gamble on going all in on rye malt. I might consider more than this, something that really forces the issue but as it stands I can taste the rye and while I like it, I get that it’s not for everyone.

Brew date: 2.24.13

Steeping malts:
1lb Rye
.5 lb 2rod
.25 C120

7lb LME
1lb dry malt

.25 Fuggles + .25 Mosaic @ 60
3/8th oz Fuggles @ 30 + .5oz Mosaic @30
7/8th oz mystery tea mixture @3 min

Yeast: Reuse WLP104 3rd time-done

OG: 1.079

FG: 1.012

ABV: 9.07%

Put int secondary 3.16
Bottle 3.3o

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