Glass Experiment: Brew Free or Die IPA

I was more excited for this experiment, because I really like the Brew Free or Die IPA from 21st Amendment.

First, the snifter and mug were up. The mug did offer nose for me, because head is here, something which dissipates by the time I get to drink it in snifter, even on a repour.

Despite the much reduced nose, the girlfriend picks up a green tea flavor, first noticed in mug, followed by a finishing bitterness but repeated in the snifter. There is a caramel in the middle to give it a sweet note, contributing to sweetness.

We both prefer the mug here. It just provides a better drinking experience overall. Which I know sounds pretentious as hell but I suppose it’s better to sound pretentious than be wrong.

The schooner was very attractive visually with a big head, helping bring up a pine nose in an immense way.  But while it had the better nose, I found I could get plenty on the pint and still enjoy the IPA just fine.

I agreed that visually, the schooner does look nicer. Aromatics seemed to last longer too, so in the end, the girlfriend preferred the schooner.

I found the continuing carbonation on the pint to provide a lighter mouthfeel later in the drink, but this was a very subtle shift. I probably would take the pint with a  mug-schooner tie and then the snifter.


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