IPA Summit at Roscoe’s

I went to the IPA summit last Friday, hustling there quickly after work so we could get a table and sample some of the available wares.

Now, I like IPAs but I think one takeaway from this event is simply this: you cannot just drop a bunch of hops in your beer of stylistic choice and call it an IPA. Also: at least three of the beers were IIIPAs (Triple IPAs!) and all I could think of is the silliness of rating a movie XXX. One X really tells me all I need to know about what the film has in it.

The following are the brief notes on some of the beers I tried.

Anchorage Galaxy White (front row, 3rd from the left) is a great saison but with a citrus bite at end. This is not an IPA.

Worthy’s Imperial had an odd finish that I couldn’t get behind.

Boulder’s Mojo Rush is nice if a little unremarkable. Once again demonstrating that IPAs generally shouldn’t be served on nitro.

But favorites included Boneyard’s Notorious, which was a well balanced ale and Ft George’s Roses on Roses, aged in bourbon barrels and nicely rounded out.

Sleep Over Coffee from To Ol has a nice espresso note nose to finish, which I liked but the girlfriend did not. There really wasn’t any IPA characteristics, though.

Laurelwood had a rare disappointment with the Boss 12.0 which was unpleasantly smoky. I don’ t know what was up with that beer.

Finally, Double Mountain also had a clear winner on our tray with the Molten Lava.

One thought on “IPA Summit at Roscoe’s”

  1. It’s always to bad when the beer isn’t as good as it’s name. Got some swell names in the bunch but only a couple that were also swell beers. sigh…

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