Chocolate Porter for the Lady

“Make me a chocolate porter for my brithday,” she asked.

So I did. There’s no brilliant backstory here, I just wanted to do something nice for my sweetie for her birthday.

However: while discussing the recipe with a fellow homebrewer, she suggested that I add in Frangelico to secondary, to give the beer more of a Nutella-like flavor. Only light travels faster than the time it took for m’lady to decide that this was a brilliant idea.

So now we have it: a chocolate porter. It’s pretty good but for one caveat: since I used cocoa nibs in secondary and not quite enough Frangelico, there is a slightly acrid bitterness to the finish, just like unsweetened coco. Recipe as follows:

Brew date: 1.13.12

Steeping grains:
2 lb C40
.5 lb Caramunich
.25 Wheat
1 lb Chocolate
1/8th oz plack patent

4 lb lme

.25 oz Fuggle @60
.25 oz Nugget @ 60
.25 oz Fuggle @45
.25 oz Nugget @ 45
.5 oz Fuggle @ 30
.5 oz Nugget @30
1/8 oz Fuggle @ 10
1/8 oz Nugget@ 10

reuse-Winter Warmer WLP014

OG: 1.048

FG: 1.011

Additional notes
2.5 oz Chocolate nibs added to 1/2 fifth of hazelnut liquor, soaked for 3 days,then added to 2ndary
2.75 oz Chocolate nibs added on secondary
Secondary on 1.26
Bottled 2.16
ABV: 5% ish

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