New To Me: Mt Scott Pub

Within the first week that we moved to the new house, a news story came on TV as I was leaving for work. It was about an attempted robbery at the Mt Scott Pub, which was foiled by the bartender who shot the suspect. So it all worked out! Welcome to the neighborhood.

Perfect place to start the new series, I figure, because it already has a story. I’m nervous about going into many of these places; most of them offer a vibe that doesn’t care about what I care about. They aren’t there to provide me with some exceptional beers, they’re there to serve whatever the neighborhood is asking for, in an area that, while up and coming, is still viewed with a tiny bit of concern. I think this is why I forgot to bring my camera: when I go into a strange place I want to look as normal as possible and carrying around the tools of my trade increases the amount I stand out.

You might imagine my surprise to see Fort George’s Vortex IPA on tap, along with a nice selection of beers from Deschutes. Really, something for any taste-including various spirits and the typical selection of big brewery offerings.

Of course, there were other sights both expected and unexpected; video bowling machines, a CCTV showing the back parking lot, or posts wrapped in white tinsel and Christmas lights, for example. There was even a video shuffleboard machine and that just seems wrong.

My biggest surprise was how empty it was. I’ve gotten used to lively crowds when I go out and I swear, there weren’t more than ten people. It was a little weird.

Also, I felt a bit lost in the Mt Scott, as I do any time I am in a place that could be anyplace, like an airport. You’ve been there, even if you haven’t, with the older, ready to be grouchy barkeeper and the ‘Oldies’ station playing (which now includes Supertramp, I guess.) This bar could exist in Texas, Wisconsin or Connecticut. I got nothing from the joint, in my brief time, suggesting an element of distinction and I always find that to be a bit tragic in dive bars. It’s well lit and seemed pretty comfortable but it might as well exist in Limbo for all the charm it had.

But it also could be a good place to be nondescript. Some days, you might need that.

One thought on “New To Me: Mt Scott Pub”

  1. I feel you about hitting up new places and just wanting to blend into the wallpaper. However, I do like dive bars, even if they feel like Anyplace, USA. There is a distinctive American charm to bars with that grumpy barkeep and the video poker/shuffleboard(?) machines. Used to be there were cigarette machines in there too. I like them because I can saddle up to the bar and not care about where the beer was made, who made it, or if it’s “hot” right now. Sometimes an MGD is called for and the conversation should be about football, motorcycles, and who did time for what up at the state pen. Mostly, these days anyway, I want to go to Cascade. But the charm of a good dive bar can’t be ignored. Thanks for the reminder!

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