Winter Warmer

Savvy readers may have noticed that on Monday not only was I not out and about, I was not drinking sake, not beer. This is because the only beer left in the house that could be considered drinkable is the winter warmer, which I have been sitting on. But in the end, I have to admit that it just isn’t that good.

The nose is like banana bread and the molasses flavors are still overwhelming but that’s all. There is still a strong iron-like bite at the end. It’s a little bit like Jagermeister, only without the alcohol warmth contrasting the rest of it. This ale just is not coming around. Oh, I’m drinking it, sometimes, you know, when the darkness closes in and you’re desperate for human flesh but anything will do because it’s drinkable (barely) but I can definitely chalk this one up to a learning experience versus a successful beer. I feel that a quarter less (unsulfured!) molasses and this might’ve been pretty tasty. Recipe as follows.

Brew Date: 12.8.12

Steeping malts
3 lb 2 row
1 lb Maris otter
.5 C80
.5 Chocolate
.5 Black Patent
.5 Roasted Barley
steeped for 30+ minutes?

4 lb LME
1 lb Molasses @ 5

1 oz Centennial @ 60
.25 oz Centennial @ 15
.5 oz raspberry tea @ 5
2 sticks cinnamon @ 5
5 cloves @ 5

WLP014-Pacific Ale

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