Hicks’ Advice

The late, brilliant Bill Hicks had a suggestion for anyone in marketing and advertising. NSFW language.

So it is in that mindset, I show you this writeup on the marketing stuff for Bud Black.

Setting aside the stab at ‘rednecks’ made by the author, I am hard pressed to argue any of the other points. I just cannot think of anything more misguided, assuming the attempt was to get people who have a love of beer and brewing to pay attention to this product.

But for me it’s totally worth seeing because of the clear disconnect it demonstrates between people who want something and people who think they know what you want and hope to sell it to you. It’s almost as if they don’t care what it is you buy, so long as you buy it from them.

Cynicism, right?

One thought on “Hicks’ Advice”

  1. At the risk of seeming Jesuitical, it might be worth pointing out that by those who love beer, you mean the whole experience not just the alcohol in the beer.

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