7pm Overkill

Faint trace of chocolate malt in the nose of Standing Stone’s Riverkeeper Brown and I want to like this, because the flavors are correct. The finish is a thin though; a watery, limp end where something stronger ought to stand. I begin to wonder: do I have this style all wrong? Maybe my malt expectations are a bit high. Thankfully, I live in an age where I can ask questions and get answers.

It’s pretty amazing sometimes, living like I do. I don’t know that this is acknowledged enough. I am fortunate enough to exist in a place where I can see and talk to people on the other side of the world, I can share experiences with strangers but more importantly, I have an opportunity to listen to people who, for whatever reason won’t sit down to have lunch with me. It’s a chance to become more human, in a roundabout way. (Just never read the comments.)

I can find out, just by asking, what the characteristics of a brown ale can be, or the stats of Optimus Prime (a word my iPad knows to capitalize), the name of Motorhead’s second album, or what to do to prepare fig trees for the spring. I can experience how other people translate solitude or a crush, get the best criticism of Ayn Rand or Scientology ever, through things that never even mention those words, and from a great distance I can celebrate the small triumphs of lives that will be unsung in history. Those lives matter to me and that is enough.

It isn’t a perfect world but I don’t want to focus on that tonight. Tonight I just want to be amazed.

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