The Reciept

Edit: I…was simply making people guess why this was being done. Yes. That’s it. Nothing about forgetting to tell the audience that I was there for the final OBC board meeting. (Thanks to Brian for pointing out this oversight!)

If you take nine people and set them loose in the Belmont Station with the permission to get whatever they want to sample for the group, this is what the slip of paper looks like at the end of the evening.

I think I counted 17 ales from last Sunday that we sampled. I got a picture that was two beers shy:

I was wrong. Counting twenty-one in that photo.  I have to say, I’m impressed.

The highlights included Pelican’s Mother of all Storms, Sierra Nevada’s Brux, To Øl’s Mine Is Bigger Than Yours barleywine, 10 Barrel’s Rye’m and Treason.

My (mildly edited) notes follow:

Flat Tail- pumpkin saison; meh
Evil Twin- Talented Mr Orangatan was also meh, too fruity at end for me
Bruery- maple leaf: I hate yams, even the nose of this is so awful, fuck it
10 Barrel- Rye’m or Treason: liked.
Epic- Blue Law porter: subtle with the berry but a solid beer.
Pelican- Mother of all Storms: cocoa nose, malt bomb, woody.
Base Camp- Ill In-tents: and it is solid
Russian Elysian combo- Brux: wild ale and its a nice mild sour (my notes say it was a collaboration beer, the internet says Sierra Nevada so I’m not sure on this one.)
3 days- (unsure of name): Belgian strong ale, Japanese, very good. Funk hit in the nose but malty, meant to be a nichacino nest beer
Bruery- Rueuze; too sour for me
50/50- Eclipse, gold wax topped imperial stout; that’s nice…

And then I started mixing beers, sours with stouts mostly. That was a very, very good idea.

10 thoughts on “The Reciept”

  1. Thanks. That explains a lot. Sounds like a blast…sounds like I need to get involved with OBC. Have a great holiday and drink something unique!

    1. Since the woman in the photo is actually a board member’s wife, the receipt is actually the proper focus of that picture.

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