Longtime readers may know that I find most arguments about ‘the proper glass’ for beer to be ridiculous.

The glass should be clean. If it is, drink yer beer.

But I have to admit that this glass is pretty awesome. Admittedly, this is in part because I can understand its usefulness immediately. Plus, it’s a way to double fist in a single fist!

9 thoughts on “Glassware”

  1. Your point is spot on. Clean glass and a beer equals consume. Having said that, some of his other glassware looks pretty cool. I am especially taken with the Malty Beer Glass.

  2. After visiting Belgium, Germany, and living in England. I would like to debate that using any clean glass to enjoy your beer is wrong. For example, drinking Gueuze or Westmalle from a standard shaker pint glass is a horrible idea. I guarantee you that your experience wouldn’t be the same as drinking from a small flute for Gueuze or a chalice for Westmalle. Those glasses enhance those volatile aromas to the nose, change how quickly you consume the beer, and even changes the way you perceive that particular beer. I have many different glasses for different styles of beer and I know when I’m feeling lazy and use a shaker pint glass for a style of beer that isn’t appropriate. I lose out on that beer experience. But great post! Cheers! 🙂

    1. I do hope to do a test like this someday and try the same beer from different glasses. If nothing else, it will settle the question for me!

      1. If you’d read the content first, you would’ve seen that I was quoting something, the phrase was ” arguments about ‘the proper glass’ “. There was no use of possessive.

        I don’t mind your editorial notes but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you read it, then provide corrections.

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