Profit vs Quality

I think, eventually, that is what this article at Business Week can be boiled down to.

There are a great many discussions, I believe, to be had about how we run businesses, how we think about making money in the short term versus the long and what kind of impact that thinking has on the products we get, the people we employ and the results we live with. I don’t really want to get into them here, as this is a beer blog, not a business blog.

However, beer seems to touch on nearly everything doesn’t it? It’s one of the few drugs I can think of that people willingly share and there’s something extremely social about it. Looking at how we make something we love and deciding it’s worth making well and paying people properly to ensure this, from the farmers and harvesters to the steelcrafters and the transporters, in addition to creating proper circumstances to make and ship beer (and brewing supplies) with a long term perspective, might be worth investigating.

Just something to think about. It’s a really interesting article and I recommend reading it.

If that gets too heavy, then check out this awesome post on glassware.


4 thoughts on “Profit vs Quality”

  1. For some reason I thought of music when reading this. People make music and sell it for sure, but people love to share music and give it away. Music is not a drug per se, although I think there are many who would feel it is.

  2. Great article, but where to start? It seems like a natural progression for a company like AB InBev to try and take over the beer world. I am ok with how they make and sell their beer, if they are certain that is what their customer wants. As long as I have a choice to drink locally made craft beer, I am not worried. In fact, it seems that AB InBev is the one who is worried. Their purchase of Goose Island and the newer beers their brands are trying to sell shows that they are feeling the pressure from consumers who want their beer to come from “somewhere” and be made by small producers. If money wins out in the end, then we all end up drinking pale swill. Good to know that I live in a region that doesn’t always put the bottom line ahead of quality.

    1. I think the key words here are “As long as I have a choice”. Second to that, “I live in a region that doesn’t always put the bottom line ahead of quality.”

      It wasn’t that long ago that you didn’t have a choice and it wasn’t that long ago that monopolies were a huge problem for our country. I think it could even be persuasively argued that fighting against monopolies and dynasties are still issues of the day.

      And while we live in a region that is compelled to cater to some of our demands, I wonder what would happen to those demands if things shifted (scenarios that are easy to imagine, from difficult economies depriving us from our ‘voting dollar’ if you will, to laws bent to favor someone) and we were compelled to accept whatever was given to us.

      Because, as you point out, “If money wins out in the end, then we all end up drinking pale swill.” And man, the 80’s weren’t that long ago.

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