I still brew

Chamomile witEvery year I take a crack at a chamomile wit and this year’s batch didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped. This is because I forgot to add in the toasted oats that would help give this beer some body and a little more roundness/sweetness.

So what I have now is more of an alcohol chamomile tea, meant to be served cold. It’s not bad but I can’t really call it a success, since I forgot ingredients.

Still, in some ways this beer epitomizes the ‘don’t worry, have a homebrew’ attitude that home brewers are encourage to have. This beer isn’t bad, and sure it didn’t turn out quite like it was supposed to but I can drink it, learn from it and move on.

What also captures this idea is that my laptop has crashed and burned and I no longer have access to the recipe that I made this with. It’s one of maybe three recipes I’ve lost in between backups. Not so bad but…I don’t have as much to tell you as I might otherwise. I managed to get one recipe copied before the computer died but the rest seem to be lost. Ah well: I have the backups.

7pm The Expertise of Others

Short list of things I wasn’t expecting: the laptop to die. I thought I had 90 minutes on the battery…Oh well. Backup gadget to the rescue!

Current drink is Long‘s ipa: a fresh hop with citra, centennial and cascade hops. They smell like mild grapefruit and taste grassy and delicious.

Had to go through a couple taster beers to get there, though. 10 barrel’s Rude Boy Roggenbier (a rye ale) didn’t appeal to me and Ft George, usually very a reliable creator of suds made a Flanders nut red that had a bizarre tang to it that went after the sides of my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Something went awry there that I did not want any further part of.

Thanks to the awesome bartender who told me the Long ipa is great. I rely on their experience all the time, I appreciate their input and I’m not sure they get much credit.

By now, this beer has been warming up for about five minues and it’s just gotten better. Grassy, grapefruit like qualities but all subdued and easily drinkable. This one is a winner, even if it is a bit more expensive.

It’s pleasantly uncrowded tonight. Maybe the threat of fall is keeping people home? Maybe it’s football? Hard to say. Still, it’s nice: more relaxing, more like a Monday night at a pub ought to be: everyone else stay home!

I don’t actually feel as grumpy as that might sound but I’ve learned to value¬†the low key nights. They let you create the space you want to be in, instead of fighting for a spot in the cacophony. Everybody deserves those chances in their favorite spots from time to time.