Great American Beer Fest

I know that I should want to go to the GABF and don’t get me wrong, it sounds like a pretty good time.

But for some reason I find it difficult to get pumped up about going to Denver. It’s less crowded than the big event I do attend, but for some reason I just can’t motivate. The Oregon Brew Fest is here. Portland is Portland: all these things come to us, eventually. Why should Mohammad go to the mountain when the mountain clearly wants to come to Mohammad?

Nevertheless, congrats to the Oregon breweries to took home medals!

2 thoughts on “Great American Beer Fest”

  1. Pros and cons are all I can say. There were a ton of beers there that I would NEVER get to try here. They just don’t get distributed in the NW. It’s not to say they are better than what’s here, but they were on par with much of what we have to offer (some even better). We have a post (Taphandle) coming out on our trip tomorrow.

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