Nut Brown Ginger

Nut Brown GingerThis beer is close to but not quite how I hoped it would be.

I had a nut brown ginger at the NW Lucky Lab earlier this summer and liked it quite a bit. I also had a little inner glow moment when I thought: I could totally make this! So I gave it a shot.

I have to say that it’s not bad but the ginger flavors are a bit more dominant than the nut flavors and so it’s less balanced than the beer I had at the Lab. I’ll have to look into upping the malts that would provide those flavors–I don’t think chocolate is quite what I want but it does present an interesting thought: a chocolate ginger porter, maybe?

As a bonus, it’s the last recipe I still have before my laptop crashed so huzza for me! The next couple beers I talk about I won’t have anything but a vague memory of how I made. I’ll just have to take more photos, I guess.

I really should have someone teach me some photography skills.

Anyway, the recipe is as follows:

Brew Date: 7.15.12

Steeping grains
.75 lb C 40
1.25 CaraPils
.5 Chocolate

7 lb LME
.5 lb Wheat DME
1.5 lb Light DME

1 oz Wilamette @ 60
.25 oz Willamette @ 30
.5 oz Palisade @ 30
1.5 oz ginger, @ 5

Made starter from Summer IPA yeast
OG: 1.086
TG: 1.012

Abv: 9.71%?

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