Dad sent me a ‘news’ video about someone selling dog beer. It’s non alcoholic, amongst other things and apparently beneficial from a health perspective.

How about you just feed your dog right and not waste your money on one of the dumbest vanity products ever?

Also, I have had a chance to try Rogue’s Maple Bacon ale.

It tasted like a maple tree angrily came to life and peed in my mouth. You have been warned.

3 thoughts on “Just…no”

    1. We must, in life, occasionally sacrifice for the greater good. There are those who venture into uncharted territories and never return. Others come back haggard, insisting ‘Don’t go in there.’

      Yet even then, someone says, “I gotta do it.”

      Still more come back looking like steamrollered dogs and say ‘No, really. You gotta do that. It’s awesome.’ and there’s no way to know if they are just fucking with you or really did have a good time. You must choose.

      I can only tell you what my experience was and that I gleefully shared it with anyone who would try it, telling them how awful it was.

      But I would not do it again.

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