Unofficial recommendations

The Smithsonian had recommendations for my city and while many of the suggestions are worth your time, I cannot get behind McMenamin’s for…anything. I was just at the Kennedy School a few weeks ago for breakfast and the food was merely adequate.

Why settle for adequate when good is available almost anywhere else? And let’s not even get into the beer: anyone worth their salt in Portland will guide you elsewhere for suds. Period.

Also, I still don’t understand the accolades of Upright Brewing. Maybe I have to go to the tasting room to really get a sense of things? (Note, the day after I wrote this, I had a taste of something at Roscoe’s and it was excellent. My opinion may need revision.)

Otherwise, not bad.

Finally, I’m out at PAX for the next few days, so no Friday post. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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