Unsung heroes

Yeast isn’t something I talk about often even though it’s pretty crucial to brewing. As in: you can’t have beer without it. Mostly I (and I would guess, many people) expect that yeast to do it’s job and fa-la-la-la-la, I have beer now.

So this is a short, interesting writeup on a place in England where they are testing yeast strains. Yeast not only determines how alcoholic your beer is, it can also be noted for certain flavors-or in the case of lagers, a lack thereof-depending on your style of beer.

It isn’t the only place they test yeast of course: Oregon’s own Wyeast Laboratories is well known for their products and they’ve always been friendly to homebrewers, providing advice and occasionally giving educational talks, along with supporting the random ‘yeast experiment’ that the Oregon Brew Crew does.

However, maybe that isn’t your bag. Check out this post on how to make beer ice cream! That seems wild.


Note: this was supposed to go up Wednesday and I had it all drafted and looking pretty…then I forgot to hit ‘Publish’. I didn’t realize it until today that something was missing! Sorry, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Unsung heroes”

  1. Made an apricot ice cream with Pyramid Apricot Ale once, and it was damn good! Better than I ever would have thought a beer ice cream could be.

    Yeast is a challenging ingredient in the brewing process…not the using of so much as the understanding of different types. I definitely need a class in yeast strains…perhaps a Wyeast talk would be in order.

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