That was bad but it worked out

I’ve taken to using an old jacket to cover my carboys when they’re in the initial yeast growth stage. Darkness, I’m told, is excellent for yeast growth and it’s not like I can use the jacket anyway; it’s torn up in places so why not give it a second life?

However, one of the cats (you know who you are, Gypsy) has decided that peeing on this jacket is OK. Just another example of cats being dicks. Although I take the jacket off and wash it, I suppose it’s useless to me now and I need to find another way to shield the beer from light.

Until this morning when I find that the carboy has blown out. Then, 8 hours later, it was blown out again. What a mess!

It would’ve been worse if the jacket had been on there, stuck to the carboy. So I suppose it all worked out. I just don’t want that cat to get too much credit. Damn things will start to pee on everything, thinking they can improve stuff.

2 thoughts on “That was bad but it worked out”

  1. Perhaps Gypsy was making a comment on that particular beer. Try asking him what he thinks of your next batch before you brew. No pee, brew free; kitty piss, you can miss. (Proverbs for brewing)

    1. I did try a new method with this batch.

      But if I’m taking advice from a grumpy cat for beer, that’s trouble.

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