Non-Profit Pub?

I found out about the Oregon Public House recently and I have to say: it’s one hell of a compelling idea. It seems a bit idealistic, almost idyllic; go drink beer, support great causes. Talk about justification for your favorite habit!

But you know what? I like it. I like the dream, I like that there are enough people willing to set up a plan and a business and make something like this happen. It may be the only place of its kind in the world right now but like to envision a world where people come together, via beer, to do good.

Not that they don’t already but this would be more explicit and let’s face it: we all like to see the good things we do in the world to show up as good things.

So go you. Let’s check out this spot when it opens and drink it dry. Just ’cause.

5 thoughts on “Non-Profit Pub?”

  1. This is pretty cool. Thanks for hooking me into something I was unaware of. Drinking beer for the betterment of society? Count me in.

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