Bailey’s 5th Anniversary Event

A month or so ago, I was talking to Geoff, the owner of Bailey’s and the length of time I’d been writing this blog came up. Four years!

“How many of those where here?” he asked.

I had to pause to do mental calculations before answering. “At least two.”

Clearly, I really like it here. Which is one reason I try to never miss the anniversary events; the beers are great and the location is one I like to inhabit. Can’t get much better than that.

So, first a congratulations to everyone at Bailey’s. It’s a great place and you’ve done a great job making it a pub worth drinking in.

Now without further adieu, my notes from the event:

Double Mountain Ferocious 5 bourbon aged Double Mountain Ferocious 5
Like a maple bar. Took a moment to adjust bc I’d been in heat but after that it’s very nice.

10 barrel Pray for Snow brandy aged
Something woodsy gin like in nose, which is, huh? Dirty pine sol?
Weird finish,  and there isnt body for this one.
No go.

Breakside Old Whiskey Dick bourbon aged
Brash, dry finish, hot. It’s good but it is not a fucking about beer.
Powerful stuff; the kind you drink with your dad when he tells you how he really met mom.

Alameda Bear Fighter ipa/stout blend whiskey aged
This was a near miss. Fuz thinks it needs more whiskey I think less hops: they overwhelm the beer. So nearly awesome though.

Lompoc 2010 Franc’ly Brewolph Cabernet franc aged
Very drinkable and mild Belgian red. I dig on it, light enough that it could do more.

Flat Tail 2nd Anniversary
A Belgian Red on nitro! I was hoping the chocolate and raspberry favors would benefit from a creaminess but instead it just tastes flat. Sigh.

laurelwood preacherStone 2008 Imperial Russian bourbon aged
Good and then there’s a lift at the end a bubbly quality that is fantastic. Surprise of the event, for me.

Laurelwood Preacher in the Wilderness aged in gin
A sour tripel that is light and not very sour at all: the nose has that wild yeast strain but the beer is just so balanced; tripel played against the sour is so well done I could just drink a pint no sweat.

The Laurelwood was my last beer and I think my notes reflect that. I considered cleaning it up but I find that final synopsis a little charming so I’m going to leave it.

Here’s to next year!

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