Made with Ed

My friend Ed has always had an interest in world events. A non-Americentric view of the world, if you will. So with that in mind, while he was visiting last month I thought it would be nice to try a really standard ESB, a straight up, British pale, no nonsense from the sidelines.

So that’s what I did. He assisted a bit and now I get to enjoy the beer, sadly without him.

Still, here we are!

esb homebrewsThere’s a nice yeasty/bready scent to this one, which is followed up by a pleasing caramel flavor. It’s polished off nicely by a finely carbonated end and honestly, there isn’t much more to say than that.

But the thing is: It’s a really solid beer and I feel good about not having to try and make it sound like the second coming of fermented beverages. It’s good: I can give it to strangers and they’ll enjoy it! That’s good enough.

Recipe as follows:

Date of brew: 5.12.12

Steeping Grains
1 lb ESB
1lb Victory

7lb LME

1.25 oz Crystal hops @ 60
.5 oz Citra @ 45
1.5 oz Crystal hops @ 30
.5 oz Citra @ 5

Laurelwood ale yeast 2nd use

FG: 1.014
TG: 1.012 (ish)

Notes: Made a sugar solution and put yeast in it to start it up–Laurelwood yeast gotten and used once so, hoping to give it a push

Pitched yeast into a slightly cooler solution-75ish.
ABV: 7.60%

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