A common brew

As I was saying, during the summer I try to make some more drinkable ales. It’s good practice to make some lighter beers since these reveal any flaws much easier and provide me with an opportunity to evaluate what it is I’m doing.

So with that said, I have attempted a California Common ale. Sorta. I don’t know that I can ever really stick to a recipe so these things are usually guidelines instead of rules. I didn’t use a lager yeast for example, because I don’t have the ability to refrigerate my wort and keep it at a proper temperature and I added cocoa nibs to it…just because.

That said, it came out pretty well! But hopefully you won’t have to take my word for it, as I’ve recruited Erik to do a review. (This is your public guilt trip, Erik!)

Steeping Grains
Crystal 40 1 lb
Victory .5 lb
2 oz coca nibs

7 lb LME

1.5 oz Crystal @ 60
1 oz Domestic Sterling @ 25
1.25 oz Hibiscus tea @5

Rogue Pacman, final use (4th)

OG 1.062

TG 1.016

transferred 4.28.12
bottled 5.13.12

ABV  5.99


Happy 4th! Short post because….um, because!

On a recent trip to the Lucky Lab (NW version) I was able to try a few beers, and I dug ’em. The Pavlov stout was bourbony and good. It was also a surprise: no mention of that beer being kept in bourbon barrels was on the chalkboard.

Not complaining; just a surprise.

The Triple Threat IPA was on cask and I like it. I was reminded of the nice discussion I had on firkin ales a few weeks ago. I felt that this beer came across a little better: the hops were less intense, I thought, due to the lower carbonation and resulting fewer aromas, so if you weren’t a hophead this beer might speak to you.

Finally, I had the Zingerbeer; a nut brown w ginger instead of hops and I think I could make this! Which is super cool: I so often drink beers that I just couldn’t make without a hell of a lot more time, equipment or knowledge so to come upon one that, in addition to being tasty, was within my skill set to make, was pretty awesome. I’ll have to give that a go soon.

Unprofessional Jealousy

So I found out that Wil Wheaton is a homebrewing blogger today. In addition to being a regular blogger/gamer/geek.

Well, shit.

What am I gonna do now? He’s cornering the freakin’ market! Respected by geeks, hosting a gorram web series playing board games with famous people, credited with Wheaton’s law, plus gets to act and write. For a living! (And I don’t care what Wil says, the wisest amongst us have been saying ‘Don’t be a dick ‘forever, so nyah. He just gets credit for the New Millennium version. Damnit.)

Now he’s moving into the beer blogging arena and we’re all doomed! Why read any of the amateurs when you can have a pro? The only readers I’ll have left will be my mom and dad (my sisters will defect to Wheaton’s blog in a nanosecond, because they don’t have to pretend I’m cool.)

rusty truck imperial redHe’s even managing to brew at about the same rate that I am, on top of moving on to all grain brewing! Grrrr. I’m actually waiting for him to steal my girlfriend at this point.

Worst of all: he’s cool. I don’t even get to hate him because by all accounts, he’s a good guy. I am kind of a dick sometimes, on purpose. Because I believe that occasionally, people should be told to fuck off.

And see: there goes my Mom, off to read about a nice young man: ‘If ony my son would be so awesome.’

So I’m killing my hopes and dreams with a Rusty Truck Stupiphany, (which feels like a really, really bad name) an imperial red ale that, 2/3rds down, I’m getting an aftertaste hat I’m just not sure of. Not alcohol, just that odd flavor you get when you have something sweet, too sweet even, with no compliment. Like milk chocolate with no accompaniment. It’s good but I want some food with this one; it just doesn’t quite work solo.