Brewer’s Dinner notes

I had a really wonderful time at the dinner and I thank the organizers for letting me attend. I was able to try quite a few beers and although I had a bit of a challenge trying to take notes and photos with my iPad, I still had a great time. Although the beers I had don’t look to be on the menu for the actual festival, perhaps my experiences of the breweries can be a guideline for anyone else going.

Rusty Truck’s Pedal to the Metal double IPA
Tasty and not overwhelming, I enjoyed it. My compatriots were split, so your mileage may vary.

Pale Horse Raven’s Roost Imperial IPA
A little dirty at the end like organic beer. Nobody seemed to enjoy this and I’ve been told to avoid them in the future.

Deschutes GratzerDeschutes Gratzer
That…is different with smoky notes in nose and finish: not sure I chose wisely. Others really liked it so I’d say take a risk on this one if you like those kinds of flavors.

10 Barrel Seifriti 6 Belgian
Spicy in a nice low key way, went nice with pork dinner. This one was recommended and it paid off well.

Old Town pilsner
Not bad but demonstrates why pils need to be served cold.

Old Town PilsBurnside lime kolch
Smelled like Creamed corn but had a nice crisp flavor with a hint of lime. If I ignore the smell, it’s pretty good.

Now as an aside here; I’m not sure what people were thinking, serving a beer like a kolsch or a pilsner at an event like this, where servers are poured pitchers of beer, then those pitchers sit and wait in the heat, until someone comes along to ask for it. Which means that the beer warms up and lagers just don’t react well to such conditions. That’s why they smelled like corn and it’s really not an appealing drink scent.

Coalition Mr. Pigs pale
Tasted a bit thin, to my surprise.

That’s all my notes said! Everybody have a safe weekend.

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